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How can I claim?

If you have suffered an accident, it is essential to contact an attorney outside your accident accident insurance insurer because insurance companies tend to offer lower compensation than you are entitled to.


Remember that you can hire a free external lawyer according to the conditions of your policy, and that the insurance company has to pay our fees.

What accidents do we claim?

  • Traffic accidents:
  • Car
  • Motorcycle 
  • Cyclist Accidents
  • Scooter Accidents
  • Pedestrian run over
  • Pedestrian Falls on the Public Road

Who can claim?

  • Driver of the vehicle if the accident was the fault of another vehicle or concurrence of fault
  • Passenger of a vehicle ALWAYS
  • Accompanying a motorcycle ALWAYS
  • Scooter Drivers and Cyclists
  • If you are a pedestrian and have been run over by crossing a traffic light or zebra crossing
  • If you are a pedestrian and have been run over by crossing an inappropriate place whenever there is a concurrence of guilt.
  • If you are a pedestrian and have suffered a fall on the street as a result of the poor condition of the road, sidewalks, holes, etc.

What can I claim?

  • Bodily Injury / Injury

    Contact us from the beginning of the accident do not wait to receive the medical discharge, we accompany you and advise you throughout the medical recovery.


  • Material Damage

    Your insurance company or the opposite company does not correctly assess the material damages of your vehicle, we help you. We also claim the damages of the goods that were inside the vehicle and that have suffered damages as a result of the accident.


  • Lost Profit

    Claim the income you have stopped receiving due to the accident.

    In case of suffering serious or very serious injuries that leave sequelae for life, other aspects to claim must also be taken into consideration: disabilities, correction factors, economic and social aid, adequacy of housing …

How long do I have to claim?

The injured party has a period of one year to claim from the date of the accident.

What documentation do I need to claim?

  • Accident report or police report
  • Emergency report
  • Part of first assistance, if any
  • Part of sick leave, if any
  • Part of work registration, if any
  • Medical reports
  • Rehabilitation reports
  • Bills for all medical expenses


  • Out-of-Court Claim: It is initiated by an out-of-court claim (reasoned offer) to the opposite insurance company. If the causing insurance company does not answer or the reasoned offer that it has offered us does not correspond to the damages caused, we reject the offer and continue with the next phase.


  • Lawsuit: Filing of lawsuit in the Courts.



Basic advice if you have an accident:

  • Notify the police or local authorities
  • Take pictures
  • Try to locate a witness who has seen what happened.
  • Contact us, we will advise you, assess your injuries and defend your compensation.

    Do not accept the lawyer that the insurance company imposes on you. You have the right to appoint a private attorney.

    We claim the best possible compensation for our clients without being conditioned by having professional relationships with insurance companies.

    We only charge if our client charges …





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