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The Court of Justice of the EU (Judgment of 07/16/2020, joined cases C-224 and C-259/19) condemns the bank to return to the client all the mortgage expenses.

Recover more than 5.000 €

There are clients who have already recovered more than 5.000 € that the bank had charged them in mortgage expenses


What are mortgage expenses?

These are the mortgage formalization expenses that you paid when you signed your mortgage.

They correspond to the amounts you paid to the Notary, to the management company, to the appraisal company, to the Land Registry …

What can be claimed?

All of the following expenses can be recovered:

  • Notary Bill
  • Property Registration Invoice
  • Management invoice
  • Valuation invoice

Necessary documentation: We only need invoices for the amounts you paid. If you don’t have them, we help you get them.

Who can claim?

All natural persons who have signed a mortgage and have had to bear the mortgage expenses can claim.

Legal persons who have a mortgage on a property that does not affect their professional activity can also claim.

Can you claim if the mortgage is canceled?

Yes, even if you have canceled the mortgage or have sold the house, you can also claim the mortgage expenses.

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We are a firm with extensive experience in bank product claims and with a professional team specialized in defending consumer rights.

The new CJEU Judgment of July 16 allows you to recover all mortgage expenses before the declaration of nullity of the mortgage formalization expenses clause.

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