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The Judgment of March 3, 2020 of the CJEU by the IRPH opens the doors so that the mortgages referenced to the IRPH can be canceled for abusiveness by the Spanish courts.

Recover more than 18.000€

There are clients who have already managed to recover more than 18,000 EUROS that the bank had collected from them through the IRPH.


The IRPH (Mortgage Loan Reference Index), is an interest rate used in Spain to reference mortgages. This Index is obtained by averaging the interest applied by savings banks and banks. Mortgages that have IRPH as a benchmark are characterized by having a very high interest rate. The lack of transparency in its commercialization by banks is currently being questioned.

What is important in these cases is the lack of transparency when including the IRPH clause. What is requested is the nullity of the clause, or in its case the conversion of the loan to Euribor and the return of amounts that have been overpaid.

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