Do you have an abusive or revolving credit card?


The European Court of Justice favours the consumer

Affected by IRPH?

The European Court of Justice favours the costumer

Mortgage Expenses

The European Court returns all mortgage expenses to the consumer



Do you have a credit card and pay very high interest?
Do you pay a fee every month even if you don’t use the card?
Do you want to get rid of it and recover all the interest paid to the bank?


The Supreme Court Judgment of March 4, 2020 allows you to recover all the interest that for years you have had to pay the bank for using your revolving or abusive credit card.

The Supreme Court has just confirmed what it already said in 2015: if a bank has charged a customer above the market average for using a revolving credit card or any other type of card, the bank must return to the customer all interest that has been charged from the first day of use of the card.

This sentence allows us to declare the credit card contract null and void and to recover all the money paid in interest.

If you believe that you have a revolving credit card or another type of credit card and that the bank charges you very high interest, we review your case without obligation.

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Revolving or abusive credit cards are a form of credit card that banks began to market about 15 years ago. They are offered as a very useful card for day-to-day expenses since they allow you to have a continuous line of credit without having to repay the entire debt at the end of the month. The credit card limit is recomposing as the client pays his installments. The problem is that (i) very high interests are stipulated, higher than 24% APR; (ii) the fee that the client pays at the end of the month is allocated by the bank, mainly, to pay interest and commissions, so that the debt is hardly reduced; (iii) the payment of fees lasts for years, even if the card is no longer used, making the customer a captive in this situation.

The Banks that have commercialized the revolving cards the most are: WIZINK, COFIDIS, SANTANDER, BBVA, BANKINTER, CARREFOUR, CAIXABANK, UNICAJA BANCO, BANKIA and BANCO SABADELL. But are not the only ones!

The Supreme Court allows the client to recover all the money that he has paid to the bank as interest and commissions. And it is not a little. There are clients who have already managed to recover more than 10,000 EUROS that the bank had charged them in interest and commissions.

Example: For a revolving credit card that allows you to spend 6,000 Euros, in the end you can have paid up to 14,000 Euros in total. In this case, now the Bank would return 8,000 euros to you.

We have a team with extensive experience in bank litigation. We analyze the cases individually. We have already obtained favorable judgments and that the bank has to return to our clients all the interest they had paid. The new Supreme Court Judgment of March 4, 2020 reinforces our theses and our claims.

  1. Abusive Cards of Banks or Bank Entities:

    Classic VISA card
    VISA Gold Card

    ADVANCIA BANK – YOU Mastercard


    Blue card
    Business Gold Card
    Gold card
    Platinum card


    Visa card
    VISA Platinum card

    VISA Classic card
    VISA Gold Card

    VISA Gold Card


    VISA Classic card
    VISA Gold Card

    VISA Global Bonus Card
    VISA Global Elite Card
    VISA Hop card


    MasterCard Classic card
    SIN MasterCard
    Ski MasterCard
    Gold MasterCard
    VISA Classic card
    VISA Gold Card
    VISA Platinum card
    VISA Shopping Gold Card


    MasterCard Box Gold Card
    Day to Day MasterCard
    MasterCard Light card
    Santander 123 MasterCard
    Santander 20 MasterCard
    Santander Plus MasterCard
    VISA Classic card


    MasterCard Champions Credit Card
    VISA Shopping Card
    VISA Credit Card for Individuals
    VISA Credit Plus card
    VISA Dual Plus card
    Flexible VISA card
    VISA ON card
    VISA Gold Card


    VISA Coinc Card
    VISA card I want
    Classic Single VISA Card
    VISA Unique Gold Card
    Gold BankinterCard (formerly Gold Obsidian)
    BankinterCard Platinum Card


    BARCLAYS (search in WIZINK BANK listing)


    Business MasterCard
    VISA A Tu Ritmo Card
    VISA A Tu Ritmo Blue Card
    VISA card after
    VISA Card After Blue
    Gold Infinity MasterCard
    VISA CX Gold Card


    Clic & Go Loan Card
    Non-customer Family Loan Card
    American Express Amex Plus Card
    American Express Plus Card
    Star MasterCard
    Gold MasterCard
    VISA Classic card
    VISA Gold card
    VISA Gold Flexible Card
    VISA Imagin Credit Card
    VISA Gold Card
    VISA Platinum card
    VISA Platinum Gold card

    CAJA ESPAÑA (currently Unicaja)

    Gold Class VISA Card

    CAJASUR (currently Liberbank)

    VISA Classic card
    Dual VISA card
    VISA Gold Card
    VISA Red card

    CATALUYA CAIXA (currently BBVA)

    Gold Infinity MasterCard
    VISA CX Gold Card


    Cetelem card
    Aurora MasterCard
    VISA Paypal card


    Cofidis MasterCard


    VISA Family Card
    VISA Preferred Card
    Gold Preferred VISA Card
    VISA Shopping card
    Premium Gold MasterCard

    SPAIN DUERO (currently Unicaja)

    MasterCard Premium Gold Card
    Gold Class VISA Card


    MasterCard card (old AVANTCARD)
    Spain MasterCard (old AVANTCARD)
    VISA Classic card (old AVANTCARD)
    VISA Women’s Card (old AVANTCARD)
    MasterCard Evo Credit Card
    VISA Smart Card
    EVOFINANCE VISA EVO Finance Classic Card


    Acqua MasterCard
    MasterCard Purchase Plus Card
    MasterCard Credit Card
    Platinum MasterCard
    Gold Class VISA Card
    Diamond VISA card
    Dual VISA card
    VISA Platinum card
    VISA Platinum Global Card
    Universal VISA card


    VISA Iberia Classic card
    VISA Iberia Icon card
    VISA Iberia Sendo card


    VISA ING card
    VISA Gold Card


    Extra VISA card
    VISA Flexibuy card
    VISA K26 + card
    VISA Gold Card


    MasterCard Classic card
    MasterCard Card More
    Platinum MasterCard
    VISA Gold Card

    OBSIDIAN – MasterCard Platinum Card

    OPEN BANK (Grupo Santander)

    VISA 123 card
    VISA Classic card
    VISA Open Credit Card
    VISA Gold Card


    MasterCard Business Solred card
    VISA Global Bonus + card
    VISA Global Elite Card


    American Express Self Bank Card
    VISA Classic Credit Card
    VISA Gold Credit Card


    VISA Classic card
    VISA Gold Card
    Business Gold Card
    Blue card
    Gold card
    Platinum card

    UNOE (BBVA group)

    Affinity Card (Inditex)
    VISA Unoe credit card

    WIZINK BANK (formerly Barclays Bank, Popular-e, and formerly Citibank)

    VISA Classic card
    VISA Gold Card
    Barclaycard VISA card

  1. Abusive cards linked to companies:

    ALCAMPO card (Oney)
    AKÍBRICOLAJE (Oney) card
    AIR EUROPASUMA VISA card (Bankinter)
    BP Card (Bankinter)
    CONFORAM card MasterCard (Cetelem)
    DECATHLON (Oney) card
    EROSKIRED VISA card (Banco Santander – Consumer Finanace)
    FNACVISA card (Caixabank – Finconsum)
    GRUPON VISA (Bankinter) card
    IBERIAMAX MasterCard card (Banco Popular)
    IBERIASENDO American Express Card (Bankia)
    IBERIASENDO BUSINESS American Express card (replaced by IBERIA BUSINESS card)
    IBERIASENDO BUSINESS GOLD American Express card (replaced by IBERIA ICON BUSINESS card)
    IBERIASENDO CLASIC VISA (Banco Popular) card (replaced by IBERIA CLASIC card)
    IBERIASENDO CLASIC Amerinac Express card (replaced by IBERIA CLASIC card)
    IBERIASENDO CORPORATE American Express card (replaced by IBERIA ICON CORPORATE card)
    IBERIASENDO ORO VISA (Bankia) card (replaced by IBERIA ICON card)
    IBERIASENDO GOLD American Express card (replaced by IBERIA ICON card)
    IBERIASENDO PROFESIONAL American Express card (replaced by IBERIA PROFESIONAL card)
    INDITEXAffinity card (ZARA group) (UNOE- BBVA Group)
    IKEAVISA card (Caixabank)
    IKEAFÁMILY MasterCard (Banco Santander – Consumer Finanace)
    LEROY MERLIN (Oney) card
    DIRECT LINE Card MasterCard (Obsidian)
    MELIÁREWARDS Card (American Express)
    MTVVISA card (Bankia)
    RENFE card (American Express)
    RENFEDorada MasterCard (Liberbank)
    RENFEDorada VISA card (Ibercaja)
    SIMPLY Card (Sabeco Supermarkets) (Oney)
    SOLREDMasterCard Professional Card (Banco Popular)
    SOLREDMasterCard Business Card (Targobank)
    UNIÓN FENOSAMasterCard Card (Banco Santander – Consumer Finanace)
    VENTAJÓNVISA card (Banco Santander – Consumer Finanace)
    VIAJES ECUADORVISA Card (Banco Popular)
    VODAFONEVISA (Bankinter) card (former Vodafone Obsidian)

  1. NGO Abusive Cards
    Bankia NGO Visa Card:

Bankia Action Against Hunger Visa Card

Bankia Visa UNHCR card

Bankia Aid in Action Visa Card

Bankia Red Cross Visa Card

Bankia Manos Unidas VISA card

Bankia Medicus Mundi Visa Card

Bankia Unicef Visa Card

Bankia Paralympic Visa Card

Bankinter Solidarity Visa Card



Claim IRPH

The Judgment of March 3, 2020 of the CJEU by the IRPH opens the doors so that the mortgages referenced to the IRPH can be canceled for abusiveness by the Spanish courts.

The Spanish courts must check whether the bank complied with the transparency control and explained to the consumer in a clear, understandable and documented way how the IRPH index would affect the contracted mortgage.

With this favorable result, if you have a mortgage with IRPH, it is time for you to claim and recover all the money.

If you think you may be affected, we review your mortgage without obligation.

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The IRPH (Mortgage Loan Reference Index), is an interest rate used in Spain to reference mortgages. This Index is obtained by averaging the interest applied by savings banks and banks. Mortgages that have IRPH as a benchmark are characterized by having a very high interest rate. The lack of transparency in its commercialization by banks is currently being questioned.

What is important in these cases is the lack of transparency when including the IRPH clause. What is requested is the nullity of the clause, or in its case the conversion of the loan to Euribor and the return of amounts that have been overpaid.

We are a firm with extensive experience in bank product claims and with a professional team specialized in defending consumer rights.

At Juanola Abogados we will be happy to attend to your case, offering you personal support throughout the entire process until your money is recovered.


The soil clause is a clause that many banks included in mortgages that sets a minimum interest that the consumer must pay each month, regardless of the interest rate established by the market.

The Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in favor of consumers, establishing that banks will have to return the amounts paid in excess since the mortgage was signed by the application of this clause.

In order to know if your mortgage is affected by the floor clause, we need the Mortgage loan deed or the receipt from the bank of the monthly collection of the mortgage.

In general terms we can say that if the monthly amount you pay each month has not decreased or decreased at the same rate as the Euribor decreased, you probably have a floor clause.

Since the Bank has no obligation to directly return the money to its affected clients, you will have to go to an attorney and file your claim. Basically, what the Bank is asked to do is: remove this clause from your mortgage, return the money you have overpaid, and recalculate the outstanding amounts payable on your mortgage after the removal of this clause.

At FGA we will be happy to attend to your case, offering you personal support throughout the entire process until your money is recovered.


The Court of Justice of the EU (Judgment of 07/16/2020, joined cases C-224 and C-259/19) condemns the bank to return to the client all the mortgage expenses, as a consequence of the declaration of nullity for abusive of the mortgage formalization expenses clause.

These are the mortgage formalization expenses that you paid when you signed your mortgage.

They correspond to the amounts you paid to the Notary, to the management company, to the appraisal company, to the Land Registry …

All of the following expenses can be recovered:

  • Notary Bill
  • Property Registration Invoice
  • Management invoice
  • Valuation invoice

Necessary documentation: We only need invoices for the amounts you paid. If you don’t have them, we help you get them.

All natural persons who have signed a mortgage and have had to bear the mortgage expenses can claim.

Legal persons who have a mortgage on a property that does not affect their professional activity can also claim.

Yes, even if you have canceled the mortgage or have sold the house, you can also claim the mortgage expenses.

We are a firm with extensive experience in bank product claims and with a professional team specialized in defending consumer rights.

The new CJEU Judgment of July 16 allows you to recover all mortgage expenses before the declaration of nullity of the mortgage formalization expenses clause.

At Juanola Abogados we will be happy to attend to your case, offering you personal accompaniment throughout the entire process until your money is recovered.


Dissolution of marriage through the agreement of the spouses. The spouses are the ones who will determine the measures that will regulate their relationship after the divorce.

Main Advantages:

  • Less suffering spouses and children
  • Freedom of pacts in the Regulatory Agreement
  • Duration: much shorter
  • Price: much cheaper

Any marriage that has been married for at least 3 months. Both spouses or one spouse may request it with the consent of the other.

The spouses write and sign a Regulatory Agreement assisted by an attorney.

A divorce petition is filed in court and the signed Regulatory Agreement Proposal is attached.

The Regulatory agreement is a document that explains the norms that regulate the effects of divorce: parental authority of the children, custody and custody, visitation regime, powers and use of the family home, contribution to the burdens of marriage, liquidation of the economic regime marriage, pensions, family items, etc.

Steps to follow:

1- Contact with an attorney who will direct the entire Process.

2 – Draft and sign a Mutual Agreement Regulatory Agreement of divorce drawn up by the lawyer following the criteria of the spouses.

3- Present the mutual divorce request and agree with the Regulatory Agreement Proposal to the court.

4- Go to court to ratify the signed Regulatory Agreement.

5- The Judge dictates sentence that approves this Regulatory Agreement.

  • Dissolution of the marriage bond (You can remarry civil marriage).

  • End of the obligation of coexistence of the spouses.

  • Dissolution of the matrimonial property regime and liquidation of common property.

  • Loss of inheritance rights (widow’s pension).

  1. That there are no children
  2. That the children are of legal age or emancipated minors (they must give their consent before the Notary regarding the measures that affect them because they lack their own income and live in the family home)

It can take approximately 2 weeks to a month.

Other features:

The spouses must personally appear before a Notary.

The assistance of a lawyer will be required, who will advise the spouses and also sign the divorce deed.

The Notary of the last common domicile or the domicile or habitual residence of any of the applicants will be competent.


It is the expected divorce when there is no agreement between the spouses. It is started by one of the spouses without the consent of the other.


  • Greater suffering spouses and children
  • There is no freedom of agreement. judicial decision
  • Duration: much longer
  • Price: much more expensive


  • Dissolution of the marriage bond (You can remarry civil marriage)
  • End of the obligation of coexistence of the spouses
  • Dissolution of the matrimonial property regime and liquidation of common property
  • Loss of inheritance rights (widow’s pension)

Any marriage that has been married for at least 3 months.

It can take approximately between 1 and a half to 3 years depending on the complications and the delay of the Courts.

  1. A spouse files for divorce in court requesting and justifying all their petitions regarding the effects of the divorce: children, housing, property, property, etc.

  2. The other spouse must answer the demand setting and justifying their requests.

  3. The Judge will issue a Judgment setting the measures that should regulate the effects of the divorce.

  4. Provisional measures may be requested for the duration of the judicial procedure.


If you have suffered an accident, it is essential to contact an attorney outside your accident accident insurance insurer because insurance companies tend to offer lower compensation than you are entitled to.


Remember that you can hire a free external lawyer according to the conditions of your policy, and that the insurance company has to pay our fees.

  • Traffic accidents:

  • Car

  • Motorcycle 

  • Cyclist Accidents

  • Scooter Accidents

  • Pedestrian run over

  • Pedestrian Falls on the Public Road

  • Driver of the vehicle if the accident was the fault of another vehicle or concurrence of fault
  • Passenger of a vehicle ALWAYS

  • Accompanying a motorcycle ALWAYS

  • Scooter Drivers and Cyclists

  • If you are a pedestrian and have been run over by crossing a traffic light or zebra crossing

  • If you are a pedestrian and have been run over by crossing an inappropriate place whenever there is a concurrence of guilt.

  • If you are a pedestrian and have suffered a fall on the street as a result of the poor condition of the road, sidewalks, holes, etc.

  • Bodily Injury / Injury

    Contact us from the beginning of the accident do not wait to receive the medical discharge, we accompany you and advise you throughout the medical recovery.


  • Material Damage

    Your insurance company or the opposite company does not correctly assess the material damages of your vehicle, we help you. We also claim the damages of the goods that were inside the vehicle and that have suffered damages as a result of the accident.


  • Lost Profit

    Claim the income you have stopped receiving due to the accident.

    In case of suffering serious or very serious injuries that leave sequelae for life, other aspects to claim must also be taken into consideration: disabilities, correction factors, economic and social aid, adequacy of housing …

The injured party has a period of one year to claim from the date of the accident.

  • Accident report or police report

  • Emergency report

  • Part of first assistance, if any

  • Part of sick leave, if any

  • Part of work registration, if any

  • Medical reports

  • Rehabilitation reports

  • Bills for all medical expenses

  1. Out-of-Court Claim: It is initiated by an out-of-court claim (reasoned offer) to the opposite insurance company. If the causing insurance company does not answer or the reasoned offer that it has offered us does not correspond to the damages caused, we reject the offer and continue with the next phase.


  2. Lawsuit: Filing of lawsuit in the Courts.

  1. Notify the police or local authorities

  2. Take pictures

  3. Try to locate a witness who has seen what happened.

  4. Contact us, we will advise you, assess your injuries and defend your compensation.

    Do not accept the lawyer that the insurance company imposes on you. You have the right to appoint a private attorney.

    We claim the best possible compensation for our clients without being conditioned by having professional relationships with insurance companies.

    We only charge if our client charges …


Does your insurer not want to indemnify you? Has the insurer rejected your insurance payment?

Insurance companies cover some risks that exist in our daily lives by paying compensation in exchange for paying the insurance premium.

Frequently the General Conditions of the contracted insurance raise doubts: insured mishaps, amounts to be received, existence of limiting clauses of the insured’s rights.

Types of insurance that I can claim:

  • Life insurances
  • Disability insurance
  • Absolute Disability Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Community Owners Insurance
  • Healthcare Insurance

We solve the problem with your insurance!

We carry out an analysis on the legality of the clauses contained in the general and particular conditions of the insurance policies.

We demand what is fair and the consumer has contracted. Companies often saturate the consumer by requesting numerous documentation in order to initiate the file for collecting compensation.

You need an independent expert to reassess the claim, we will help you.

  • The insurance application or proposal
  • The particular and special conditions
  • The general conditions (separate book or in small print)
  • In the case of life insurance or medical policies, the health questionnaire
  • You have had a claim and the insurance company does not pay you or deny you a service set out in the insurance policy.

  • The company’s expert misjudges the damage.

  • When the insurer’s customer service department or service does not exist or malfunctions.

  • The insurance agent sells you insurance and you have not signed the policy.

  • Health care insurance does not cover certain diseases.

  • You have not completed the life insurance questionnaire.

  • The company does not cover the humidity because it alleges a lack of maintenance on the premises.




The term eviction refers to the eviction of the occupants of a property by court order.

Eviction is the way to recover the home when the tenant stops paying rent or supplies or when there is another legal cause of eviction and the effective eviction of the tenant is intended.

Currently, the eviction is processed through a verbal, shorter, faster, and simpler procedure that lasts between 3 and 6 months from the filing of the lawsuit until the recovery of the property.

  1. Burofax: Extrajudicial claimIt is not mandatory, but it is recommended to prevent the lessee from undercutting the eviction action.
  2. Filing of the eviction claim
  3. Admission of the lawsuit and determination of the trial and launch date
  4. The tenant has 10 days to:
    • Do nothing (frequently)

    • Enervate the eviction action. It is a tenant’s right that can be exercised once and as long as no extrajudicial claim has been submitted by the owner. It consists of paralyzing the judicial procedure paying all that is due and must be exercised within 10 days from the notification of the demand.

    • Deliver the property and / or pay the debt

    • Oppose (tax reasons)

    • In case a cancellation has been offered, accept it and hand over the property.

  5. Hearing (in case of opposition) / Judgment (and if applicable, launch)


To initiate an eviction procedure the following documentation (photocopies) will be necessary:

  1. Real estate lease
  2. Property deed of the property or simple note from the Property Registry
  3. Commercial deed of incorporation if the property is owned by a legal person
  4. Unpaid receipts of monthly rent and, where appropriate, supplies
  5. Payment requirements and / or Burofax if any.
  1. Eviction for non-payment of rent or any of the amounts whose payment corresponds to the lessee. Along with the eviction lawsuit, you can claim unpaid rent and / or supplies.
  2. Eviction for non-consented sublet
  3. Eviction for not allocating the house to the agreed use
  4. Eviction for carrying out annoying, dangerous or illegal activities
  5. Eviction for works not allowed
  6. Eviction for precarious
  7. Eviction by necessity of the property as long as it is planned
  8. Eviction for breach of other legal obligations

 Contact us and we will take care of all the necessary steps so that you can recover the availability of your property as soon as possible.


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